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  • 3 Content Trends for 2020

    Content marketing functions similar to the language, it is constantly changing, and any new updates must be incorporated for each following year in order to stay high in the SER. And that would be the goal of all marketers, right? 

    Check out the most important trends for 2020 when it comes to engaging content, and conversion of your audience. 


    Video Content

    Video content is probably a must in the following years when it comes to new trends in digital marketing. And studies have shown that video content keeps the audience’s attention longer than any other content, and that is what they would expect from you in future, so you can become the favorite brand among the competition. Each year the percentage of the responders to livestreams is bigger, so you should incorporate some live streams in your marketing strategy. 


    User Generated Content

    Have you ever heard of UGC? It is pretty effective in comparison to brand content. The main role here plays the unpaid contributors, and their content. The content can be of any kind like blogs, social media posts, websites, forums, etc.  The simple rule is to find out what your audience likes to share, then create it, and ask them to share. 


    Quality Content

    This is maybe the only thing which will remain important when it comes to content marketing till the end of time. So, if the quality of your content is high, it stands a better chance with your audience and makes it more personal. So, it is OK to be consistent with posting content of your brand, but it is more important to create something which will attract the audience’s attention and create organic conversion of your followers to your customers. 

    An additional tip to the above-mentioned trends is to try to cover more topics which fall under one umbrella, including relevant information, so your audience can stay well informed of your working area and close to your brand’s message. 


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