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  • 8 Best Work from Home Jobs That Are at Par or Better Than Office Jobs


    Although interest in work from home jobs has increased exponentially since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, these jobs have been growing for well over a decade. Due to advances in telecommunications, work from home job opportunities is now possible in all types of industries. 

    The Global Workplace Analytics Group revealed some startling facts and figures about telecommuting. Here are some of them that will motivate you to find a work from home job. 

    • Since 2005, work from home jobs has grown at a rate of 173%. This is much faster than any other full-time job. 
    • Half of US employees reported that part-time telecommuting is possible, at the very least, for their jobs. Around 40 percent of employees have worked remotely at least once. 
    • 75% of work from home employees are earning an annual wage of at least $65,000 per annum. Telecommuting employees, hence, make more money than 80 percent of all employees. 

    Let’s take a look at some of the best work from home jobs:

    1. Computer Support Specialist

    All types of organizations, including nonprofit and commercial entities, need the services of computer support specialists who can work remotely. 

    Due to the nature of the job, the computer support specialist role is highly conducive for telecommuting. 

    According to BLS forecasts, computer support specialist jobs will grow at a rate of 10% until 2028. Computer support specialists are in high demand since organizations need to maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade their computer hardware and resources. 

    The median annual wage was $53,470 in 2018 for computer support specialists, according to the BLS. 

    2. Web Developer

    The job of web developers is to create aesthetically, pleasing, functional websites. They design all kinds of sites for various entities. Web developers can also earn money through management consulting, advertising, and publishing. But, they must have a firm grasp over HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other languages. 

    According to the BLS, web developers earn nearly $70,000 per annum. The projected growth for web developers is 13% until 2028, which is much higher than many other jobs. This rate of growth is unsurprising, considering that a strong online presence is now a must for all kinds of organizations. 

    3. Interpreter/Translator

    If you can speak English well and also know how to speak another language, then you can find a job as a translator in various organizations, including corporations, hospitals, schools, and both private and public sector entities. 

    The key advantage of the translator role is that you will not be limited by your geographic location due to advancements in telecommunications. Hence, it is ideal for work at home employment. 

    The 2018 median pay for translators and interpreters stood over $51,000 per annum, according to the BLS. The projected growth rate till 2028 is a staggering 19%, which is much faster than several jobs. Translators are in high demand since their language skills are valuable and necessary for the success of organizations.  

    4. Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistants are needed in finance, government bodies, legal organizations, health care, and several other entities for their technical and administrative skills. If you are interested in self-employment, then you can even run a virtual assistant business on your own. You may also find employment in businesses that provide virtual assistants for their clients. 

    If you have prior professional experience in an office environment, then you can put that to good use by working as a virtual assistant. You can also challenge yourself and work beyond your field for better career growth. 

    5. Travel Agent

    Due to the internet revolution, people no longer need to call up their travel agent when booking hotels and airline tickets. However, there are still opportunities in niche travel. For instance, if you arrange trips and vacations to exotic destinations for clients, then you can possibly work as a travel agent from the comfort of your home. 

    According to the BLS, the median pay for travel agents in 2018 was $38,700.

    6. Marriage and Family Therapists

    Marriage and family therapists are often self-employed due to the nature of their field. Now, with the widespread adoption of video conferencing apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and numerous others, it is now possible to provide services remotely as a marriage or family therapist. Clients no longer need to travel to their therapists.

    The median pay of marriage therapists in 2019 was almost $50,000 per annum, according to the BLS. The projected job growth for family and marriage therapists is expected to be an astonishing 22% till 2028. 

    In fact, telecommuting and remote services may even be necessary for marriage and family therapists since it greatly reduces the problems of clients not showing up for their session. It also saves troubled clients a lot of time and effort. 

    7. Teacher/Tutor

    Internet advances have now made it possible for teachers and students to collaborate from afar. This feature has proved to be critical in the COVID-19 crisis where schools have shut down, but children can be educated thanks to the internet. 

    Employment opportunities for K-12 teachers are now growing as a result of telecommunications. A growing number of states are allowing online attendance in public schools. There is a huge demand for English teachers in places like China, for instance, where more and more parents are interested in teaching the universal language to their children. 

    According to the BLS, high school teachers were earning $61,660 per annum in 2019. The projected job growth is 4%, which is average. 

    8. Social Media Specialist

    A strong presence on social media is no longer an option or a curiosity for any business. Businesses can expand their customer base vastly by reaching out to their target audience on social media. 

    If you like engaging people on social media, then you can put your skills to good use by working for organizations as a social media specialist. You can promote your company and gain the satisfaction of seeing it grow as a result of your social media campaign. 

    The social media specialist job role is perfect for telecommuting. 


    There are several types of job roles where it is now possible to work from home as a result of telecommunication advancements. There are several more jobs available besides those shown above. You should do your research to discover the field that you are interested in and try to find employment opportunities so that you can work from home. 

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