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  • 8 Ways to Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your Email List

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    An email list is a powerful business asset. With it, owners have direct access to their customers. A savvy entrepreneur makes a significant amount of money off that fact, using an email marketing list to do everything from affiliate marketing to advertising.

    1: Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product and then receiving a percentage of the profits when consumers buy. Companies use affiliate marketing to reach audiences they would not otherwise be in front of. A businessperson may use affiliate links that his audience is interested in to generate income.

    2: Rent the List

    Corporate marketers are always looking for original ways to reach their intended audience. An established email list centered around a given topic is invaluable. An entrepreneur would charge a fee to that company to use the email marketing list on a one-time basis. Then, the company needs to come back time and again to pay for the email list if they make several sales.

    3: Sell a Product

    Products, especially digital products, are incredibly easy to create. If an email marketing list owner creates products, they can sell the products directly for the full profit amount. Since the owner could also tailor the products to the list audience, the project would also have a high conversion rate.

    4: Upsell

    Upselling is the practice of offering a better value when someone has already committed to a purchase. For example, a businessperson might offer a mini-course. Then when people buy it, they get a coupon for ten percent off the more comprehensive version. The ticket costs nothing to offer and may get the email marketer a significant uptick in sales of the more expensive course.

    5: Cross-Sell

    Cross-selling involves selecting products or services to present as an add-on to a primary offer. An entrepreneur might do an affiliate marketing promotion for someone else’s course. Then, the marketer would construct bonus content, guides, or even offer a physical package with a planner stating that this would help the affiliate buyer succeed in their original endeavor.

    6: Premium Content Option

    Premium content always has a draw for consumers, as do secrets. A shrewd marketer may take their list and offer a separate, upgraded subscription to learn more of their success secrets, which people pay to receive. This possibility requires more email marketing legwork but has the potential to be very rewarding.

    7: Sell Newsletter Ads

    Since email marketing requires regular newsletters, there are ways to profit even without sending subscribers to an offer. Providing an email list is large enough or targeted enough; companies may pay for ad space right in the newsletter. Some may even sponsor the newsletters for a set number of iterations in exchange for mentions.

    8: Patronage

    Another option for astute businesspeople is micro patronage. In this case, the owner requests that subscribers chip in a couple of bucks a month using one of the many patronage platforms. For email marketers with devoted readers or with an extensive list, this method can easily generate hundreds of dollars.

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