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  • Market Street Forum Community Rules & Procedures

    Last Updated: May 3, 2020

    The Market Street Forum community is a growing and diverse community where information can be shared, exchanged and learned on a variety of topics. Core topics of the community are making money online, business opportunities and digital and offline marketing. We provide a community to make new friends, meet new business associates and build a business.

    We do not want to become just a community of advertising links filled with spam & scams. While we certainly do want to embolden the use of the community to build online incomes, we must provide these global rules to ensure our purpose is maintained.

    Please follow these rules and guidelines at all times.

    A. General Posting Guidelines

    A-1. Content must be useful or engage the community

    The most crucial rule is providing content that the overall community can benefit from. Before starting a thread or adding a post make sure you actually have something to say that benefits the community. All threads and posts that are advertising only will be deleted and users will be warned and/or directly banned. 

    A-2. English Only

    All posts and topics must be written and posted in English, which is not of poor quality. Poorly written posts will be removed.

    A-3. Post where relevant

    Posts need to be placed into their relevant categories. Should you be unsure you may contact a moderator or administrator to receive clarification. An acceptable alternative is to post a topic where the category is unsure into a general/misc. category.

    A-4. Double Posting

    A search should be done for an existing topic before posting. Duplicate topics will be treated as spam & will be removed.

    A-5. Excessive & obnoxious Posts

    Posts may contain an acceptable amount of special characters, colors & smiles, which does not create an unpleasant reading experience. If the post looks unprofessional and or cannot be read easily, it will be removed and treated as spam.

    Posts need to contain at least 3-4 sentences & limit the usage of images to 2 images.

    A-6. Special Posting Guidelines

    The following categories have these additional posting guidelines that must be followed

    A-6-1. Topic Format

    When announcing a program or service the topic subject must contain the name and then the url and no other text.

    Example: Market Street Forum - www.marketstreetforum.com

    A-6-2. Website/Service Questions and news

    All information including questions and news about a particular website or service should be made within the thread and a new thread should not be created, if a topic already exists.

    A-6-3. One Website/Service per thread

    Each thread should cover just one website or service.

    B. Links, Signatures, Avatars & Hijacking

    To prevent linking to unapproved resources, links muse be direct links to a website without the use of any shortener service or other services that hide the real url.

    Referral Links may only be posted in the first post of any topic. Replies to a thread may contain a non-referral link directly to a websites homepage or official news/announcement message.

    B-1. Signatures

    Signature rules vary by membership level. However, no signature may contain any inappropriate language, image or link to any prohibited content.

    B-2 Avatars

    Avatars & usernames must not be inappropriate and remain in good taste. They may not impersonate or otherwise suggest your a member of staff here at Market Street Forum.

    B-3. Hijacking

    If you did not start a topic, your referral link does not belong in a reply to a topic.

    Do not post asking people to contact you, click on your signature or visit a website/blog or join under you.

    C. Spam

    We simply are not going to tolerate spam on any level. Spam here can be identified by:

    • Short Repetitive Posts such as
      • Bump
      • looking
      • I'm in
      • etc
    • Useless content
    • Off-Topic thread and replies
    • Copy Pasting content found on another blog/website
    • Sending Unsolicited Private Messages

    Spamming the community will only lead to a warning, suspension and or a complete ban from the community.

    D. Code of Conduct

    D-1. Multiple Accounts

    A member may create a maximum of two accounts: Free Personal and a Paid Business Account. No member may hold 2 free accounts at any one time. However, each account must use a unique email. Accounts found in violation will be banned.

    D-2. Courteous and Professional

    No personal attacks, name-calling, racist comments, threats or foul language will be tolerated, towards any member or person. As we grow, the community will be full of different opinions and thoughts and everyone should be able to share theirs without being attacked. It's perfectly fine to engage in a conversational disagreement, without abusive words towards any one person.

    Report any abusive or personal attacks by hitting the report button.

    D-3 Trolling

    We absolutely support the right to share your opinion, and please do so.. but trolling is a not the same.  We define trolling as

    • Spreading Lies
    • Spreading Rumors
    • Unsubstantiated Claims
    • Posting Repetitive Information

    If you believe something is a scam or someone is not telling the truth then please post the proof to back up your statement. Determination of trolling is at the sole discretion of Market Street Forum Staff & moderators. It is not YOUR job to "call out" or attack someone you feel is trolling, use the REPORT button if you feel someone is violating forum rules.

    E. Market Street Forum Marketplace

    The Market Street Forum Marketplace is populated primarily by third party offerings. Whilst we endeavor to only approve reputable offerings the contract and sale is handled in its entirety by the third parties involved. Market Street Forum accepts no responsibility or liability for any failed payments or transactions between the parties.What we as a business will do from our side is the following.

    • All listings will be only be permitted via approval of Market Street Forum Management
    • Listings must adhere to the Forum policy guidelines.
    • The listing and its content are the sole responsibility of the respective owner.
    • Sales are handled via a private transaction between the third parties in an agreed payment method.
    • Failure to provide promised item can result in a ban unless resolution is not met.
    • Failure to complete payment  or cause charge-backs will result in a ban.
    • Contravention of any of the above can result in account termination.


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