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  1. Australia’s Prime Minister has announced the Federal Government’s biggest investment in blockchain to-date, with two pilots set to receive almost $5 million. View Article
  2. Bitcoin SV users appear to have got very excited ahead of the conference. View Article
  3. Institutional trading platform Wootrade has raised $10 million in a private fundraising round that will be used to expand its team and launch leveraged trading products. View Article
  4. This potential move will swap the native AGI token from ERC20 to Cardano View Article
  5. Emerging Ethereum-powered predictions platform Polymarket produced six-figure volume amid the first presidential debates. View Article
  6. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has called out Coinbase for seeking to suppress political activism and suggesting employees who think differently should leave. View Article
  7. Bitcoin price has been flat for nearly a month but on-chain data shows a bullish surge in new participants joining the network. View Article
  8. This and other changes come as part of the protocol’s recent mainnet upgrade. View Article
  9. Will this ultimately prove to be a significant step for mainstream adoption, or a publicity stunt? View Article
  10. “Feature complete” final milestone before public launch unveils governance system for the first time. View Article
  11. His big takeaway? Mining rigs give off a lot of heat. View Article
  12. Bitcoin integration led to positive results for the merchants in this study. View Article
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  15. Bitcoin risks a larger pullback in the fourth quarter due to the confluence of bearish technical structures and macro uncertainty. View Article
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