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  1. The first thing we need to do is understand the term personalized marketing. The term means marketing strategy which targets current or potential customers. This is also called one to one marketing, and it is completely focused on the individual who receives the message. It is customized to the needs of the potential or current customer. How to make it successful? FIrstly, as a brand or a business you must learn more personal information on the potential customer. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to gather data on potential customers as individuals. This data is the basis in the further creation of the offer for that specific potential customer. Also, the message can be created according to the past behavior and interests of the individual. Personalized marketing strategy steps If you want to create a successful personalized marketing strategy you should follow these steps. Identify - This refers to the process of data gathering. Age, gender and location are only a few of the main information you should gather at this point. DIfferentiate - This refers to the process of analyzing the gathered data and segmenting your target audience into specific categories. Interact - This refers to the process of using the gathered data for contacting the targeted customer by a medium they are most likely to respond to. Customize - This refers to the process of closing the deal, and personalizing the relationship with the targeted customer. Benefits of Personalized Marketing Creating this type of a marketing strategy can boost the odds of engagement by appealing individuals’ likes, needs, and interests. Personalized marketing emails have a higher percentage of opening and click through rates than those that aren’t personalized. Also, the brands and businesses that use this type of marketing have higher sales than the competitors who don’t. Increased sales means happier customers, and happier customers attract new potential ones which will be perfect for your business, right?
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